Be positive; it’s in your DMA!
This affirmation is like a deep breath of acceptance and peace.

Affirming every step.
Because every person is worthy.

With DMA affirmations no person in your life is overlooked.

While wearing our shirt you become a walking affirmation. A walking beam of hope.

You Pick The Affirmation Topic

Pick the topic that stands out to you. Your topic will be the theme of your affirmation. (For our first drop, we are solely offering Gratitude.)

We Pick The Affirmation

We surprise you with an affirmation that coincides with your chosen topic. (We have a unique affirmation for the first release.)

You Receive Your Shirt

You are notified your shirts have been delivered, scan your code, and from an overflow of excitement, wear it out on the town as a walking affirmation.


Different. Not only by price but by its worth. This will only be sold to 150 people worldwide.

The Brand of the Century.

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