We are a lifestyle brand that sees the gold in people. We believe every being is (to its core) good. DMA challenges humanity to alter its train of thought through encouragement and affirmations.

With DMA affirmations no person in your life is overlooked.

It is a well-accepted understanding that people act according to what they believe, but rarely do we realize how beliefs are formed. Whether by fact or opinion, our beliefs are structured by the words we hear on a regular basis. What we listen to, what we think, and see create a tiny ball of emotion that eventually bursts into a passionate belief. These beliefs can be positive or negative, truth or lie, but one thing is for sure, they will be acted on. DMA’s affirmations challenge the beliefs of humanity. We encourage people to see their inherent good so they may respond to this truth rather than past lies. By wearing DMA, you become the center of an optimistic world change. We encourage you to join the DMA movement to use the power of words to change the lives you encounter daily. We are the brand of the century. You are the people of change.

Our style offers fresh intrigue and surprise from the time of purchase to every time someone scans your code.

Here's how it works: You choose from our seasonal target codes. Each target has three private affirmations that could be yours to wear. Here is the fun part, you won't know which you receive until it has been shipped and landed in your hands. Our affirmations are meant to intrigue and affirm everyone; that includes YOU. Don’t forget; you don’t deserve to be overlooked either. So go ahead and choose your target to become one of the first DMA’ers of your time.

“What is your biggest fear in life? To overlook a child in need.”

Dan McCullough (1961-2010)

At the young ages of 11 (my little, not-so-little bro),16 (yours truly), 21 (the most caring sister), and 47 (my strong mother), this McCullough family lost a person but gained an understanding and a new life passion. DMA is dedicated to my father, “Deddy Dan.” The man who never stopped believing in people and always chose to encourage and affirm the truth of humanity's goodness. The quote from above was found after his passing when we were sorting through his counseling certification paperwork. We were all starstruck, not because it didn't line up with his character, but because we had never heard of a more beautiful, selfless fear. DMA is designed to extinguish that fear and allow you to be a part of making those around you feel seen, encouraged, and affirmed.

Our Inspiration

Dan McCullough was a man of many talents and titles: Star-Iva Middle School guidance counselor, Iva Recreational 10-year president,
youth and senior pastor, decan, leader, founder, mentor, coach, friend, brother, son, and husband. But to me, he wore the title of “Deddy.” In 2010, my Deddy went to heaven at age 49. After a receiving of friends with a 6-hour waiting line that stretched around two churches and onto the road past a stop sign and a funeral with over 4,000 in attendance, my family witnessed the power of a life lived in service to others. Still, to this day, I have people tell me stories of how he saved them from committing suicide, paid their way through sports, loved them when no one else would, and believed in their ability to excel. My Deddy was an encourager. He called out the gold in people. When he saw life, he saw hope.